We are Global Inc Safari

Together, Russ and created Global Inc Safari. Our overlanding adventure round the world. We are a couple that decided to leave our comfort zone, forget the daily grind & drive across the globe!

When planning the trip we agreed that overlanding was our only option, living local with a ruggered outdoor lifestyle was what we were seeking.  Slow down the pace & take more in, without physical boundaries & time on our side. Do what we want, when we want, for as long as we want to. Home is inside our vehicle, sleeping under the stars & trekking the globe over land, by sea & by air.

Anna aka Bungle: I crave a journey, that leads to somewhere remote & untouched. I seek freedom, from the everyday cycle of normality that holds us back. I want memories, of a time in life where we were just living, out there in the wide open, with no restraints. Independent adventure, local experiences, stumbling upon the unknown & the often overlooked. Going where most don’t & doing what most won’t. This is my bumper sticker for the next 12months!

They say dreams are free, & I had plenty, but I wanted one more than anything. Since I saw my first color slide of Africa at the age of 5, its been pulling me. After 31years this dream is now the next year of my life.

Russ aka Scotchy: My nick name was coined after nailing  20 local whiskeys in 90 seconds before boarding a clapped out Air force  plane in Singapore that had already broken down in flight, twice. When I met Anna, one of the first things she told me was “I’m travelling to Africa & I’m going on Safari’. My response was “big trip, I’ve lived in Africa… maybe I could take you”. That response blew into the 12 month, 5 continent, once in a lifetime adventure that is Global Inc Safari.

I have completed a few laps of the world, but, this trip will take me to places I have never been. I am glad to dust off old skills & do it all again… same same but different.

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