Caribbean Debrief

The last leg of Global Inc Safari is a fly in, fly out tour of the Caribbean. Time to relax, explore vehicle-less, reflect on the experience so far & ponder our future back home.

Guadelope Thanks to a friend we met on Lombok, Indonesia, Olivier introduced us to the idea of visiting his home town, meeting his family & enjoying all that this French Island has to offer.

Puerto Rico where the easygoing Caribbean collides with the slick efficiency of modern America. Hypnotic Latin rhythms & warm tropical sunsets. Colorful, diverse & culturally unique, Hip, funky restaurants nestle next to 15th-century Spanish forts.

Cuba Defying all logic, the world’s 105th-largest country is also one of its most instantly recognizable. Psychedelic Che Guevara murals & antediluvian American Buicks, dudes with bongos & old men slapping down dominoes, queues outside ration shops & communist cadres smoking chunky Montecristos.

Jamaica Our final dance. Immersing into the local Caribbean island way of  life for a while. A country infused with pride in its unique history, stunning landscape & influential culture.  Taking in our last stop, debriefing on the reggae infused white sand beaches  thinking about our next chapter.

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