Contact Global Inc Safari





One thought on “Contact Global Inc Safari

  1. Dont forget to mention the moment of pure adrenaline that Troy pass through hahahahah…
    And that for obious reassons you could not take photos of the saviors of Troy, They are more efficient service than government institutions, just respect their domains without affecting their interests and you will never get in truble.
    Explain and advice why always try to camp in private property, this means a local knows you and you are not alone lookin for truble.

    Ahhh i almost forgot Please help our Friend mentioning the beautiful place that anyone can camp heheheh

    And that you meet your Good friend PERAZA hahahah a local from Guadalajara that finnaly explain Why you guys are not GRINGOS (Green-Go) you are EXTRANGEROS or AUSTRALIANOS hahahahah

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