Help Global Inc Safari

Feeling generous and would like to make a donation?

Please click the Donate button:                   

Global Inc Safari Fuel Fund: On the road, our No1 expense is fuel. Each day we will spend 60% of our daily living allowance on fuel to keep us going! Feel free to help us out by making a donation to our Fuel Fund, every $10 is another day on the road!

$5    –  50 kms
$10 – 100 kms
$20 – 200 kms
$30 – 300 kms
$40 – 400 kms
$50 – 500 kms

Global Inc Safari Beer Fund: If you are more inclined to support the sundowner, and share our love of booze after a hard days driving, then a donation to the Beer Fund might appeal more to you!

$1 –   A bottle of local Beer (Cerveza)
$5 –   A bottle of imported Beer (Cerveza)
$10 – A bottle of local Wine
$20 – 1 x Case of Corona
$50-  A bottle of Moet – If you are feeling generous, we will toast to YOU!                

All donations will be extremely appreciated and gratefully received!

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