Initial Escapades

Global Inc Safari takes flight on 31st July 2012

First stop, Hong Kong, 48hours to stock up on all things electronic, comsume 1000 different types of Dim Sims & puchase an impressive collection of fake designer sun glasses! Its all about the mad dash “Have list…can shop”

Then its the BIG  hitters, with thanks to some wonderful friends & family, our initial 3week escapade is not only a highlight but also a huge tick off the bucket list of places we needed & wanted to  visit.

Amsterdam Time for a promise to be delivered, from far north Queensland to Holland, catch ups on their home ground. Spending time with my best friend, her daughter & family, & finally seeing the beautiful friends I have made in their city!

Ibiza, a birthday present to each other! With our absolute passion for electronic music & my obsession with the dance floor, Ibiza has taunted me since my first dance festival on the Gold Coast, Australia. If you share our LOVE of the Dj, you will agree, this is the place to be! Best friend in tow & my gorgeous cousin, all the way from NYC!

Before the overlanding begins we stop in Madrid, Spains most Spanish city, which offers relentless nightlife & a feast of tapas bars. Finally Amman, Jordans modern arab city. Exploring the Roman Theatre & admiring the views of this diverse city from the ruins of Ancient Amman. 

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