The PanAmerican Highway: California, Baja Coast, Mexico & Central America

Touching down in LAX, our first task is to buy a home. We need four wheels with load of grunt to take us down the Pan American Highway to the end of the world. The official start is San Francisco where we leave with the last taste of a first world country & head South.

Next stop Tijuana, for our first boarder crossing into Baja California. Exploring south to the bottom of the  peninsula, La Paz. Searching for the laid back life style & the desolate sand tracks.

Crossing into Central Mexico to chase taco’s & tequila. Meandering the Pacific Coast for our first feel of Central America.

Entering Guatemala in search of highland lakes & Mayan ruins. Staying a while at a  Spanish school to prep us for Latin America!

Hitting El Salvador and Nicaragua, time for the ocean breeze, world class breaks, beach side catina’s & cheap beer. Slowing it down in the tropical surf villages.

Costa Rica is next, boasting active volcanos &  misty cloud forests. Mountain summits for sunrise & settling down for the night in cosy mountain towns. Finally arriving in Panama in preparation for the big ship across to South America, destination Colombia!

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