The Pan American Highway: South America

Colombia to the ‘End of the World’, Ushuaia. Under steam and sail we make our way to the first South American destination of Cartigina, Colombia. Global Inc Safari continue’s South West, exploring every country on our way to Brazil, the long way round.

Colombia & Ecuador. In the past people used to say, ‘if only it weren’t for the violence & drugs, Colombia would be paradise. The violence has gone, but exploring the mountain cities, Amazon jungles & the Caribbean basin remain. Crossing into Ecuador brings us a natural diversity found no where else on earth. Tropical cloud forests, balmy pacific coast lines & unforgettable Galapagos Islands.

Peru. Aside from the big attractions like Cusco, the Sacred Valley of the Incas & Machu Picchu, Peru also offers traditional Inca culture, snow capped mountains, inland lakes & waves to surf.

Bolivia. Simply superlative. It is the hemisphere’s highest, most isolated & most rugged nation. It’s among the earth’s coldest, warmest, windiest & steamiest spots. It boasts among the driest, saltiest and swampiest natural landscapes in the world, although still the poorest country. We think we may stay a while in Bolivia!

Chile, Argentina & Uruguay. Like a spine, Chile stretches 4300km – over half the continent – from the driest desert in the world to the massive glacial fields in the South. Filling up the in-between are volcanoes, geysers, beaches, lakes, rivers, steppe & countless islands. Argentina is a true paradise with gorgeous landscapes, cosmopolitan cities & lively culture. Traversing the Patagonia Steepe, marveling on the painted Andean deserts. Heading for Ushuaia – The worlds most southern city! Passing through Uruguay & Paraguay on our way to the last overlanding stop.

Brazil Some of the world’s most exciting cities lie inside of Brazil’s borders. Powdery white-sand beaches, lined with palm trees & fronting the deep Atlantic Ocean, stretch for more than 7000km. Dotting this coastline are tropical Islands, music-filled metropolises & enchanting colonial towns. This will be our final stop on the overlanding journey, before we sell the house, and fly away to the Caribbean to reflect!

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